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Technology in Heritage

Aqueducks is at the forefront in using technology at the World Heritage Site.

We at Aqueducks are continually looking at ways to use the very latest technology to show the proud Heritage of Pontcysyllte Aqueduct and the 11 miles of the World Heritage site.  Whether we are looking back at a bygone age or looking forward at the latest innovations to show visitors young and old alike how we strive to protect our heritage and pass on this wonder for the many future generations.

Aqueducks was formed as part of the UNESCO conditions for the listing of Pontcysyllte Aqueduct as a World Heritage Site. Together with the 3 counties that have boundaries within the 11 miles, and the many organisations that play a vital role in the upkeep, promotion and protection of Pontcysyllte Aqueduct World Heritage Site, Technology in Heritage plays a vital role in promoting, protecting, teaching and learning about the great achievements made here in the valleys of North Wales.

Aqueducks is looking at the various systems out in the marketplace for us to produce some stunning video’s of the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct and the 11 mile World Heritage Site.


Drone Technology

Made by AudioGuideProductions, this production was produced on behalf of Aqueducks to catch a glimpse of the past at Chirk Bank.


Chirk Bank Memories

Aqueducks commissioned a set of audio trails that can be downloaded as a podcast on the iPhone or you can download the android ‘App’. Are you visiting us soon? Would you like to have a trail guide from Glendrid Bridge to Chirk Tunnel?


Audio Trails

Living along the Cut

Here at aqueducks we have been using QR Codes since the beginning of 2012. One of our QR Codes was used in helping visitors to find the audio trails on their mobiles..  Have a go yourself...

New Video

Drone Technology

aqueducks latest project

The above is the Audio Trail Walk guide introduction.

Audio trail Podcast for iPhone

Audio trail App for Android

If you need a QR Code reader for your mobile… we have that covered too.

Audio trail App for iPhone


QR Scan App on iPhone

QR Code App on Android